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  2. wow - so many goodies. Now where shall I start .........
  3. If I had seen this earlier, I would have taken a photo of my lunch out with a friend of mine. We had two great sandwiches - half of each and they were so good! I do have the second half I brought home, I'll take a photo of it. Then we had ice cream, unfortunately all gone...
  4. Wow, Love the new designers' kits! Beautiful work Everyone!!
  5. We tried Papa Murphy's once, it was good! Since we've already had dinner, I'll have to keep my eyes open for food tonight and tomorrow!
  6. Can't wait to see them! I'll let you know when they arrive!
  7. Of course! I went through my photos and picked some for each challenge and placed them on a document. Now I just need to start working on them!
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  9. Yes very peaceful, it might help us behave and meditate.
  10. From the album CT Sekada designs

    Sunset Beach by Sekada Designs @ScrapGirls photo by pixabay
  11. I can't even begin to imagine the trouble we can all get into trying to be quiet and peaceful for a meditation class, no less sit still for an extended period of time!
  12. Mine are in the mail as of today! Can't wait to see what everyone's come up with.
  13. This week's challenge is food. Maybe it's because Friday is grocery day and I have food on the mind. LOL But Friday also means I don't cook dinner's usually pizza night. So here's my food
  14. Oooh... that's so pretty, Mikelle. How about bringing it to meditation this evening so that we have something peaceful to look at? Hi, Debby, nice to see you!
  15. This is a layout I did last year using a photo from one of the cherry blossom festivals I went to...
  16. From the album Joanna

    Created using Bekah E Designs Project Keepsake: June Collection
  17. From the album Joanna

    Created using Bekah E Designs The Sweetest Days Collection
  18. From the album Joanna

    Created using Bekah E Designs D is for Dad Value Pack
  19. Welcome! So glad to have you here!
  20. From the album Kathryn's Pages

    The Sweetest Days, by Bekah E Designs
  21. From the album Kathryn's Pages

    D is for Dad, by Bekah E Designs
  22. Sometimes it's the tiniest thing that can mess you up! Worked on my reflection all morning. Played around with one photo but didn't like anything I did. Found another photo, kept trying the watercolor tutorial I did before. Even reset tools and rebooted computer. It just wouldn't worked. Read some of the comments attached to video: make sure background is black/foreground white. As simple as that. Got a good start on it. However we are taking a shore excursion and heading down south to Austin, TX to visit bro-in-law. for the weekend. Y'all try to behave! lol!!!
  23. Meditation class...that might straighten out some of us...LOL...What time? I wouldn't want to miss that.
  24. Oh we want to see that....
  25. Welcome to the wonderful world of Scrap Girls. I look forward to seeing your pages.
  26. such pretty pictures and your embellishments are perfect for the page.
  27. Thanks for the chuckle to get my morning restarted!!
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