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  2. I''ll have number 1 please
  3. I'd like to post mine, that's allowed, right? Where should I share it? Just a bit behind this week. LOL
  4. Oh, definitely watch them! In fact, I think I’ll make my girls sit and watch them with me tomorrow. Misfit toys, lol!
  5. 17 - Candy Cane Ken and I worked at the Corner Store today where we sell our crafts so my photo of Candy Cane is something one of our Quilting ladies has made to sell in the store.
  6. I love how this turned out! I like the title with the trio of photos. I was just thinking, I haven't had a pedi since I lived in NY....over 5 yrs ago. Yikes!
  7. This is awesome Mikelle and your journaling is so interesting and well written, it felt like you were telling me a story! I was amazed to read your words and all the coincidences with Dentists and your work now, wow - that’s very cool. Your photos are great and I like your background and title. And, if you can believe it (just had this discussion today with my cousin who couldn’t) I’ve never seen either of the Rudolph movies! Your page intrigues me even more so maybe I should make sure that this year I watch it! Thanks for joining the Weekend Challenge.
  8. We went into a neighboring town to see their display of lights and I must say, it was amazing! It runs through a park and it kept going and going...and it was free! Then we came back to our town and our smaller display of lights along the Ohio River. It was cute (and free again). One night next week we'll go to Louisville to see the lights in the caverns. Last year was amazing, but definitely not free! The only wreath we saw in the lights didn't come out clear enough for a photo, so I took a pic of the one on my door. I made it a few years back and looks like I need to fix it up again. I really wish I had one of the pine cone wreaths my mom used to sell when I was a kid. They were gorgeous but a lot of work.
  9. Good luck everyone!
  10. Here's mine... Misfit Toys
  11. EHI_MerryBright_Paper_Solid-DkRed, Emb snowflakes, star, tree; ABR_Dec25_Paper-Solid-Red; TYO_MainStHoliday_Embs_PresentBlueStripe; Ro_Styles_VelvetGlitter2201_Green3; LDE_Elf Note font; Top two photos taken from Pinterest, credit given to Rankin-Boss Productions; bottom three photos are mine, taken of ornaments/figurines I've been given over the years.
  12. Ha ha, I almost picked The Grinch, too! So hard to resist tis grumpy curmudgeon!
  13. This is so clever! Love the take on Happy Feet!
  14. Pretty!
  15. It was a little more rain than dogs and cats!
  16. Such a cute wreath and Santa and I laughed outloud at it “raining cows and horses”!!!
  17. Oh, my goodness, this must have gotten buried but I’m glad I saw it now because it’s awesome. Your photos and those sweet faces are adorable and I like the looks of concentration on their faces. I especially like your background and embellishments and the way you placed your title.
  18. This is beautiful, Joyce and your photo is really pretty! I like how you used it full paged and your blending is really beautiful. Your cluster is lovely and I like how you arranged your title, it looks great. Thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge.
  19. My wreath photo - we also have a wreath on our door, but it's raining cows and horses right now!
  20. Ohhhhh.... Your layout made me tear and your journaling is so touching and true! One year my Mom had me make a poster of the part about “Christmas Day will always be, just as long as we have we” because that surely is the essence of Christmas and family. I really like your photo and Grinch ornament and I love all the festive and pretty pieces you surrounded it with. Your background is lovely and your title really stands out. Wonderful page, thanks for joining in the Weekend Challenge.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Love your Christmas bear❣️
  23. Love this Carina- those papers work perfectly with your photos!
  24. How adorable. Great meme!
  25. This is really pretty. Love how you used the large photo.
  26. Dagi’s Temp-tations: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: 2017 Happenings Week 33-36 Cindy Rohrbough: Maritime Mile Collection Mini Brandy Murry: Coastal Collection Biggie (steering wheel) Journaling: In August of 2017, a couple of my nieces planned a family reunion at the Wisconsin Dells. We rented 4 cabins for the 12 grandkids (1 mo. to 6 yr.) and 20 adults. One of my nieces even made t-shirts for the event! We shared cooking duties and had lots of fun together eating, swimming, playing games and talking. The main scheduled event was a sunset cruise through the Wisconsin Dells, a glacially carved gorge along the Wisconsin River. It was a great time!

    © Sue Maravelas

  27. Dagi’s Temp-tations: Digital Layout Templates: What Stories Will You Tell Florju Designs: Picture of the Day Collection Florju Designs: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Picture of the Day Laura Louie: Fall Snapshots Embellishment Biggie (camera) Journaling: In October, 2016, David and Rheanne immersed themselves in the vibrant hues of fall by biking through the forest at Fort Custer State Park in Michigan. I think the golds, oranges, yellows, browns, reds, and greens look scrumptious! The intense colors leave a marvelous flavor in my mind.

    © Sue Maravelas

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