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    Simply Love This

    Shabby Blanc Collection Biggie
  3. Awesome places we have visited so far! I'm having a lot of fun here's my vertical + plaid + quote page
  4. Layout created using Forest Friends by Aimee Harrison, font used Channel and own photos. Quote reads "The leaves are changing; I feel poetry in the air." ~Laura Faworski
  5. Wow! wonderful dresses, page and place to visit. I really love the horizontal page design, and your shadows, super page!
  6. My curves plus stitching Moogerah Dam
  7. I have used one of my favourite curvy templates: EBA_SSDLO_Curvy ness papers and stitching from EBA_Afresh flowers from EBA_Bless This Nest Fonts- Poplar and Kalam
  8. The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated again.
  9. Here is my "Curves+Stitching" layout. Explore
  10. April Showers


    Thomas biking, climbing trees and blowing bubbles. charlotte playing with a frog. Garden Plot Collection Mini Stories We Tell Collection Biggie
  11. Tuesday, September 27th Let’s go shopping in Sapa for some local handicrafts. The embroidery in the region is beautiful. Add some stitching to your page. Post your “Curves” Layout in the World Tour Gallery
  12. Thanks so much for scraplifting my LO I'm very honoured Such awesome photos of Rowen with the chickens
  13. Wow this sounds yummy and such a lovely card
  14. It so nice to see you using your mums handwritten recipes and making these beautiful cards to preserve them. This sounds very tasty as well
  15. I got lost in that bookshop all weekend and now we are in Vietnam somewhere on my bucket list. Its quite a popular place to visit from NZ I'll join you on the photo shoot @Boatlady @MariJ and @A-M then I need a swim in the pool
  16. Yesterday
  17. Yay, that's great Anne Marie and I'm sure I can learn some good photo tips from you! 📷
  18. I am so enjoying your cookbook pages and this one is lovely. Your photos are great and wonderful to have and your arrangement looks great. I really like the colors you used and this recipe sounds really food! This is such a special book and memories you are creating.
  19. Five photos - another one here before the end of the month
  20. Pretty JuScrap Herb Garden Collection Aimee Harrison Rosemary and Thyme Collection Diane Rooney SSPT: Textiles Angie Briggs Ordinary Day VP Marisa Lerin "Tag Templates" Photos: Personal Fonts: Dearest, Tw Cen MT
  21. @MariJ and @Boatlady I'll join you if you are taking scenic photos which I enjoy doing.
  22. Your photos are really awesome and you stacked them together so well without lookin crowded! You blending and background is really pretty and I like how you separated your page and used the photography circles, not sure what they are called!
  23. MariJ


    You got a wonderful shot of that Pelican, wow, it's so full of action! I like your title and you are so great at making masks and this one is awesome.
  24. Oh I like all three of those ideas, I'd better get moving so I can fit them all in! C'mon Debby, lets see who else we can grab to go with us! @Boatlady
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