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  2. Sorry, no prize under that candle.
  3. One of the best books I have read is Ann Voskamps 1,000 gifts. I often use her idea of listing things I am grateful for in my prayer journal. I do it especially when I get in a funk and its amazing how much it helps. So this layout is 13 things I am grateful for today I used DEB Fascination for the background MST Life Journal for the book SNU Brushset Art Journal for the figurine SG Anniversary kit for the camera in the figurines hand BMU From the Desk Of for the pen ABL Bird song for the Blue Bird All the quotes are from VosKamps book.
  4. Wow, this game is off to a great start! There is a Collection Super Mini under Candle #3! Choose a Collection mini, then email Angie ( tell her the one you'd like and she'll send you the links.
  5. Very cool! You did a wonderful job keeping a sporty feel to your layout. Great idea!
  6. Wonderful idea! Your layout turned out simply gorgeous.
  7. Let's light candle 3!
  8. What a beautiful layout. The photo is priceless!
  9. I'm trying to find the alpha that Amanda used with her new Poise Glass styles. I've looked all over, and I can't find them. Help!

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    2. lorac


      I don't see the alphas in any of these. I'll keep on looking.

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      Pretty sure she just used the styles on a font.

    4. lorac


      Okay. Thanks for the info.

  10. Here is mine with 3 more embellies (diamonds).
  11. All of the Anniversary Challenges for this week are in the 13th Anniversary Celebration.
  12. There are some fun prizes under some of those candles!
  13. Here is mine: ARod
  14. We are big Yankees fans (Go Yankees tonight, one game away from the World Series) and Brooke loved Alex Rodriquez. He wore number 13. These photos were taken in Baltimore. I swear he was looking right at my camera (we had amazing seats). Oh, and they won that game, too! Diamond Diva Collection Effortless Collection Biggie First and Goal Collection Perfection Paper Super Mini 2 ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Clustered and Clean Blue Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: Varsity Letters ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301 ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Drop Shadows
  15. What a pretty cake! Looks good enough to eat!
  16. Fairy gardens are so much fun! My youngest dd loves them. Your garden is beautiful and just think about the fun you'll have in the spring when you put it back together! Thanks for joining the challenge.
  17. Light the Candles on the Anniversary Cake! We have 13 candles on our anniversary cake an you get to light them! There are prizes under 4 of the candles, and if you light the right candle, you'll win the prize. To light a candle, pick one candle number that hasn't already been lit. If the game is moving quickly, you'll need to check this thread for the numbers, as it takes time for me to update the cake graphic. :-) Have fun and good luck! The cake template is by Laura Louie, but has been discontinued. The roses and candles are from B. Sweet Collection Biggie The gold trim uses ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Gold 8501
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  19. Thanks April, so those challenges are listed in the Anniversary Challenge week. I think Tuesdays is something about Halloween? Hugs, L
  20. Beautiful page, and what a great idea to use that photo for this challenge.
  21. I was inspired by the letters at the bottom and other aspects of the ad. Thurs. Ad
  22. Nautical Mile by Cindy Rohrbough
  23. Was a winner ever announced for this challenge?
  24. What a cool idea to scrap the 13th day of the month and your layout is so pretty Jane! I really like your gorgeous background blending and your cluster is really pretty.
  25. Hidden gems like this are wonderful and my goodness, this is stunning and so peaceful looking. Your photos are gorgeous and I really like your setup, Ngaire. For sure this looks like a travel magazine and makes me want to visit! I love how you placed your title and journaling, this is really stunning.
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