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  2. Very pretty photo and the barn wood back ground is perfect.
  3. Here's my layout for this week's challenge. Back To Hawaii
  4. We moved to Hawaii in the fifties when my oldest daughter was almost 6 weeks old, and lived there for two years. In 2004 we went back, on a cruise. We rented a car while we were in Oahu and went back to some of the places we loved to go back then. I snuck in a photo of me at a luau my hula teacher held for us. If you're wondering about that hairdo in the later photo, it was really THAT windy up on Pali Road. I guess I should add that the little photos are from the fifties. They are small because the resolution is not very good.
  5. Beautifully done, and I love the photo. Great idea for this challenge.
  6. This is so very precious. I love all of it.
  7. I'm just looking again and wow, really - this could be framed. You could even make it into a canvas to hang up! (I just did that with a layout I'd made of my sister's dog and it came out great and looks like a painting.)
  8. Oh, this is lovely Dianne and you used the Blenders so beautifully! (Seriously, I couldn't scrap without them)... Your photo is so soft and pretty and you chose the perfect background to blend it into. Your embellishments are perfect and I like the colors you used. I especially like your title and how it fades into photo, how cool! I enjoyed reading your notes, all so true..... Gorgeous work, Dianne!
  9. Oh wow that IS so cool to see the now and then! Lovely page full of happy smiles and I like how you used the state outline.
  10. That was quite a hint. I look forward to it.
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  12. Lovely layout and wonderful photo. I like the wood texture background and how you used the WA for your title. Very nice.
  13. Love the photos and how you used this month's club for this layout. Great Job!
  14. Great author! Thank you for your post. I've googled about this author right now and it seems very interesting to read. This article source seems good too. So let me know more about you favorite authors and books.
  15. Wow, you really made templates work for you! I really like the way you made the photo shine here, too. Gorgeous model and such lovely matching of the embellishments to her clothing in colors and theme. The title work explains her in a second and also matches the photo so well. Great work on this page!
  16. This is stunn9ng. Beautiful colors, and so sad these blenders are being retired - I've been using for so long. I love the photo be the blending of your title. Thanks for joining the challenge! ❤️
  17. I've been looking at this simply adorable page for two days and love everything about it. I love the blend and they way it leads to the adorable picture. That baby! Wow, so beautiful. The sweet touches of the bird looking at Emilie, the lamb and bunny which scream "baby" and the coloring to match the photo originals is so sweet and so thoughtful. Super sweet layout, Jane! Nice to "see you" again!
  18. Oh what a cutie pie! Sweet boy, sweet page.
  19. This challenge immediately put me in mind of the words to an old song I used to listen to: Back Home.
  20. Hate to admit it but I just discovered these background blenders today (thanks Marilyn!); glad I picked them up before they're retired. A couple years ago, I took my dad for a ride in the country where they lived for over 30 years. I guess this is on my mind as my mom is now prepping to move again. There's an old song by Christine Wyrtzen that goes "back home, where the grass is greener" . . . that's how I feel about our life in the "country." (supplies in EXIF).
  21. Just lovely. I love her templates.
  22. You are on a roll. This is a fabulous layout!
  23. All the different tones of the photos... just love it! Great red accents. Simply wonderful.
  24. How fun. I love how you included the state, with a photo clipped to it, I n the layout. That's one state I've never been to. Looking forward to seeing more from your trip.
  25. Oh I do love antiquing, and I love your layout! Love it ❤️
  26. Very pretty page to inspire us for the challenge.
  27. I really like this, Andrea! So clever - everything works together so well.
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