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  2. Your sister has such wonderful animals; you are lucky to get to see and play with them. Cute page: I love the paw prints around the edge and especially like the chicken perched on Lyla's frame.
  3. We used to live about 3 miles from the ocean and I know how much washing those windows needed so I can imagine all the salt when you are even closer! I love your window and your wonderful title work. Great page!
  4. Sweet photos! If you have four pets you must have (and receive) a lot of love. ❤️ The flower clusters on your page are so pretty, and I love the heart you added.
  5. Let's invent a self-cleaning bathroom! We could become millionaires, I think. I love your bubbles and that overturned bucket. Great page!
  6. mimes1

    Cozy Space

    Can I come over? This is such a beautiful and rustic and modern space! The faded polka dots on the background and minimal embellishments are clean and simple and draw me right in.
  7. The blended window looks great against the grungy background. With just a few elements you've done a great job emphasizing your dislike! Nicely done.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Not my best page, but I don't want to get too far behind in the tasks. For this layout I used: SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me TCO DLOT 4x6 Doggy Tales AFT SS Styles: Watercolor Kraft ASD Dogs Rule Extra Papers and my own photos
  10. MariJ


    Your photos and dogs are really lovely and they both sure look good in the pics. I enjoyed your journaling, I know you've told me of Chief and how he's been fighting on. I really like your background and dog-bone clip and your word art is really cool.
  11. Your journaling is great and I have to agree with you. I like your striped background and that doctor is really cute!
  12. Oh, have to say that's not my favorite thing to do, either. I really like your bathroom sketch with the scrubbin' bubbles on the bottom. Sure would be great to have a self-cleaning bathroom, what a great idea. I like the blue you used and how you created your title is really cool.
  13. MariJ

    Who I am - Pets

    Wow, three cats and a husky sure must take up a lot of space! Your photos and this kitties are really adorable and I like how you framed them.
  14. This is so fabulous! Yay for y'all! I love the effects you used, think I may have to go check them out!
  15. Funny but oh so familar! I love the color combo, very pretty!
  16. What stunning views you have so close! Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  17. Absolutely stunning photos of some amazing views! Love the scatter to add a little extra sparkle!
  18. So many layers, I love it! pretty flowers and I love that quote!!
  19. I like that you kept it simple so your gorgeous photo could shine. ♥️
  20. Such beauty! Your mom is beautful and she raised a beautiful daughter (meaning inside as well as outside). Your journaling is a beautiful testament to your love and devotion to your family. And your card looks beautifully made.
  21. Such a gorgeous photo of you and Penny I enjoyed reading your story
  22. My least favourite thing to do at the moment (I have a few) prompt #13
  23. MPE_JournalArtsy HMC_DL_NW BMU_Petals_window
  24. Jane in N.Z

    Cozy Space

    Such a gorgeous outdoor area and I love the shabby screens
  25. Jane in N.Z


    such gorgeous dogs Scout loves playing with one on the beach and its so funny as this dog will walk all over him but he can certainly outrun it
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