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  2. If you've noticed that the CT Galleries are missing from the Gallery. We know about it and are working to see if we can get them restored.

  3. April Showers

    July Challenge Chase

    The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated. Let me know if I've missed anything.
  4. Florida granny

    Chalk Art by Rebekah.jpg

    I see talent runs in the family. Great page to showcase her art. I love the mix of bright colors with the blackboard background.
  5. Florida granny

    tuesday newsletter

    Congratulations on your new purchase! I love your happy photo and the bright lively mix of patterns you used here.
  6. April Showers

    Weekly Winners - July 22nd

    Congratulations to this week's winners! Weekly Layout Winner (chosen from all the layouts posted in the gallery): Everyday by Florida granny Weekly Challenge Winner (chosen from layouts posted in the Tuesday and Weekend Challenges): Chalk Art by ScrapgirlCindy To claim your prize, please email: prizes@scrapgirls.com Want a chance to win Scrap Girls’ Weekly Layout Contest? Simply post your digital or paper layouts that use Scrap Girls pro ducts in our online Gallery; if we choose yours, you’ll win a prize! To be considered, don’t forget to list the Scrap Girls products that you used in your layout.
  7. Florida granny

    firehouse fun

    That was so nice of the fire fighters to do that! I love your photos and the way you've put this together. Everything goes together beautifully.
  8. Florida granny


    Fabulous! You've taken monochrome papers and turned the whole page into a celebration! Great color isolation, too.
  9. Florida granny

    Feed the Giraffes

    This is so cool! I love your photos and the fabulous mix of patterned papers that you used. It looks like the giraffe is having a conversation with your son..
  10. alsoarty

    Sneak Peek 07/26

    Oooo... I live the sketchy look of this.
  11. alsoarty

    WeekendWJuly20_First Ride

    I love the old faded photo with the ‘rel’ photo in the circle.
  12. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Colorful Slow Scrap Week 2

    Just adorable! I like the fabulous photo, the simple design that focuses on the photo and navy that acts as a neutral.
  13. SeeWhatSueSaw


    Luscious colors and fun unique elements. Just gorgeous! Sekada Designs: Value Pack: Mermaid Tales
  14. SeeWhatSueSaw


    Gorgeous layout and lovely kit! Sekada Designs: Value Pack: Mermaid Tales
  15. MariJ

    WeekendWJuly20_First Ride

    Oh, Anne Marie I can’t believe Andreas is that old now and he’s gorgeous! Your photo is so precious and I like how you both blended and framed it. Your background really shows off your photo so weel and I really like the embellishments you used. I especially like the look of delight on Andreas’ face.
  16. Marilyn, this has turned out great. The little gingerbread men work well with Sisi's jacket. All the glitter helps make it a Christmas page.
  17. A-M

    July Challenge Chase

    4th Challenge page for the month.... Weekend 20th - First Ride
  18. A-M

    Weekend Challenge - 7/20

    Thank you Mikelle for a fun challenge that enabled me to scrap a very recent photo.... First Ride
  19. This is a photo my daughter emailed me so it is not very good qaulity. Credits: BDS_Riding Dream mask - JZI_SSTools_Shapes_Messy Masks staple - BDS_Songs from a Secret Garden Font - Andy
  20. Yesterday
  21. MariJ


    Awwww.... That’s a teenage prom story for sure and I agree with Anne Marie - your photo does it’s job well and almost looks like a dreamy memory! I loved seeing your Mom’s stole and those fancy gloves and your framing is so elegant.
  22. Florida granny

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    I'm going with the paper roses because I think the colors will look nice with some Netherlands photos I have in mind. Papers from BMU Color Palette 02 and Primavera and OAWA Woodland Walks.
  23. A-M


    This is a lovely memory page and it does not matter that the photo is not great....it is still your memory. I enjoyed reading your journaling.
  24. Celestine

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Okay - I am picking the cacti. Right now I have 5 papers from 3 collections: Butterfly Dsign's "Songs from a Secret Garden," DRB Designs' "Resplendent," and Tami Miller Designs' "Everyday Moments." I am a little worried about not having enough contrast, so we'll see......
  25. docsheila1

    Weekend Challenge - 7/20

    Here's my 1st prom. A horrible pic, I know but it was pulled off a "movie" reel and actually the movie wasn't that much better quality:))) PS can only do so much...
  26. Florida granny

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Welcome back, Debby! I'm glad to see the color chips for this week.
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