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  2. Here is my first for career: Wedding Bagpipes.
  3. So, the career I chose might be considered a hobby by some, but I admit to a complete fascination with bagpipes and pipe bands. My favorite event at Celtic Highland Games and parades, especially the St. Patrick's Day Parade, are the pipe bands. I even tried to twist my son's arm into learning to play the bagpipes, where lessons were offered for free by his college's music department. The college has its own very well regarded pipe band that plays at all football games and even graduation. His grandmother even offered to purchase him a clan kilt, all to no avail. *sigh* 😞 Somebody in the next
  4. Tami Miller Everyday Moments Value Pack Brandy Murry SSET: Fall Out Frames Carol W Designs Love Is In The Air - Element (music) AFT Designs SSPT: Blended Edges 1 Fonts: Stonehenge, High Tower Text Photo: Rick Jennisch (altered)
  5. Did you see Connie Prince is having a birthday sale?  Save 50% off of everything in her store.  Hurry, this is a sale you don't want to miss!

    1. SodScrap


      Yes!  And GAH!!!  I probably can't afford it.  LOL

  6. Love the photo and all the nostalgic elements in your LO. Very well put together.
  7. What a wonderful memory you have created about a precious little boy. I have so many shots of the back of my children and grandchildren - they immediately turn away when I'm shooting. I love the way you have placed the photos. They money shot is the happy boy with his ice cream cone!
  8. Been a while since I've done this, but am going to give it a try this month.
  9. Florida granny


    Gorgeous! I love it.
  10. You did such a great job blocking behind the photo to make it stand out from that bold paper. Nursing - a career I admire greatly!
  11. I love the theme of this page! All those photos over time are wonderful. My daughter was born on my mother's 50th birthday, so they were very special half-century birthday buddies.
  12. What a sweetie. Perfect colors and gorgeous botanical embellishments.
  13. Dady


    AFT_Scrap Girls Club Photo Imran Shah
  14. Dady

    Love You

    AFT_Scrap Girls Club
  15. Your photos are adorable. I love your page design and title work! Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  16. Such lovely photos., I love your soft color palette. Sweet cluster too! Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  17. Great photo and your page design is amazing. I like the palm fronds you placed behind the photo. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  18. Adorable photos. I really like your page design. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  19. Great photos. I love the placement and how you blended the large one into the background. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  20. Love your title work and the vintage look works perfectly with your photos. Those stamps are so pretty. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
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