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  2. Figment

    Back to My Roots - pg 2

    I love what you did with the template! Great photos, and lovely memories. It sounds like you enjoyed your trip down "Memory Lane", even though some of it was most likely quite emotional. Thanks so much for showing off the Scrap It Monthly 5 Templates!
  3. MariJ

    How can I view the Gallery?

    Wow, thanks so much, that is really awesome! I appreciate you writing this all out.
  4. Today
  5. Marie-Christine

    March 2019 Broccoli Parmesan Meatballs

    Your recipe sounds really interesting and i would give it a go. Great card and easy to follow
  6. Becster

    Sneak Peek 03/22

    Such pretty colors!
  7. Florida granny

    LindaH57-Gluten Free Vegan Irish Soda Bread.jpg

    This is a lovely festive and Irish looking recipe card! I have a neighbor who is celiac and mustn't eat gluten and this recipe sounds perfect!
  8. Florida granny

    Low Carb Zucchini bread

    I love the way you did your title. It's an elegant recipe card. This sounds yummy!
  9. Florida granny

    March 2019 Broccoli Parmesan Meatballs

    I love your card and the way you've illustrated the recipe. I love the double framing, too. Not sure broccoli meatballs are my cup of tea (so to speak) but the recipe sounds interesting and different.
  10. Florida granny

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Ok, I'm back with my rotated layout. I needed to do something with the black and white photo so blended it into a mask. The rotation wasn't horrible -- my tape looks a little funky but otherwise I can live with this. I can't wait to see what everyone else's pages look like!
  11. April Showers

    March Challenge Chase

    I'll double check the numbers on the chart. I'll get you a link to the forum tutorials when I'm on my computer.
  12. I have many masks from the shop. I was just trying to reproduce the painted effect like your tutorial describes.
  13. Mikelle


    So cute! I love the little duck and chick!
  14. Celestine


    Beautiful wording with a haunting image! Gorgeous!
  15. Celestine

    First Home

    What a happy page! I like the colors for the papers and embellishments, too.
  16. Celestine

    Restoration of Old Scrapbooks

    I'll have to experiment with this some more. A 600 dpi scan runs reallllyyyy sllloooowww on my scanner. Plus the memory storage might become an issue. Have others experimented in the 300 to 600 dpi range for scanning older images?
  17. Figment

    Tues NL Challenge - Lights

    One of my favourite things about Florida at Christmas time, is the lights in the palm trees! I love how you used a 8.5x11 template for a 12x12 layout.
  18. Figment

    Week 49

    Great layout with great photos! I love the font you used for your journalling. Thanks so much for showing off the Scrap It Monthly 3 Templates, and the Country Christmas Collection. I love the borders around the photos too!
  19. Celestine

    How can I view the Gallery?

    It's easy. Just type your search word (i.e. California), and then all results pop up for the entire forum. You can narrow the search by clicking on "+ More search options" in the black search box, and then click on "Images" in the Content Type box. The word "California" is picked up either in the description or the title for the images. You can narrow the search even further by limiting the search to titles only. Handy!
  20. Grandmadori

    March Challenge Chase

    Am I missing a step somewhere? I've posted eight links on the thread of challenges I've completed, yet the tracker is only showing me having completed four of the six required. Maybe I misunderstood something in the rules, if so please let me know. I'm loving being back, just not sure how to navigate everything yet. (Like how to use my signature.) Help.
  21. Grandmadori


    Thank you. Now if someone will just tell me how to use it! 😄 I've forgotten how to attach it to my posts. Really, I've been looking in the "how to's" and other places and haven't figured it out yet. Too much on my plate to work it out today, I'll try again later.
  22. CRS

    A Gift

    Oh, I love this!! I hate to run, but I did enjoy the one summer I trained for a 5K. I tried to start up again, but that led to a bunch of problems. I know running has been a large part of your career and this is a fantastic motivational LO. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  23. Figment

    12_ProjectLife2018_December LO_600

    Great photos! Congrats on getting your PL done! I love the polka dot paper, and how it is repeated at the top and bottom. Thanks for showing off the Scrap It Monthly 4 Templates.
  24. Figment


    I love the borders around the photos, and the red border around the layout. Great photo of you, and Ava is getting so big!
  25. Figment

    Project Life, Week 08, 2019

    I was saddened too when I heard that Peter Tork had passed away. I like the meme about talking to rocks, too cute! Thanks for showing off the Scrap It Monthly Calendar.
  26. Florida granny

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Ack!! I need time to think about this one. Meanwhile, you'd better keep ducking behind that sofa, Valerie!
  27. Florida granny

    March 19 Challenge 3

    Fabulous photo! I especially like that rustic frame. Great background, too. C'mon spring!!
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