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  2. Thank you all so much.!!!
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  4. I've been away from the challenges for too long and I've missed your gorgeous work!! Everything about this is just as the title says - Beautiful!!!!
  5. Gorgeous flowers! Love how bright and colorful your page is!
  6. Wow! I agree that tree is gorgeous! I bet it smells wonderful!! I love you BG! It looks like the flowers from the tree fell onto it. Your green bow is a nice touch to bring it all together. The close up photo is lovely too!
  7. I'm very good at growing dandelions. Everything else; not so much! lol! I love your close up photos and how you stacked them! I like all your little embellies too. side note - I remember my dad tried making dandelion wine. I wasn't into wine back then so I have know idea if it was any good.
  8. A very bright and cheery spring page! Beautiful flower photo!
  9. Rachel is so pretty!! And what a pretty place for a pretty girl to pose! I love the gold trim. (I think I need to add those to my wish list.) I also love the little heart swirl. It reminds me of how a young girl would sign her name, if that makes sense. A lovely page indeed!
  10. Oh my how beautiful!!! Looks like a fabulous place to visit. I love the placement of your clusters. They give your lovely photos a 3D effect!
  11. Yesterday
  12. I am most impressed with how you highlight the happenings of each day, both good and bad. I chuckled at the peas, then was saddened to hear about your son's dog. You've made another wonderful visual diary of your week.
  13. I laughed out loud at Coco with the leash in her mouth. Smart pup! Wonderful photos and a great page.
  14. You were such a cutie! I love your dress, too. Very pretty page. I especially like the blending and the flowers and ribbon cluster.
  15. What a gorgeous tree! I like your choice of pink background for it. The whole page looks like spring.
  16. I love how you tease us with these each week. It looks like lots and lots of new goodies!
  17. Wow! You were adorable! And I love the dress against the background paper.
  18. I couldn't count my embellishments I forgot I added the surf as well so I removed a seagull. Title added using ABR_ModernAplha
  19. These birds look like our Pukeko found in NZ beautiful page
  20. I just heard that my LO was chosen in the Newsletter challenge March 3....thanks so much...I have no idea where to find info about this...????

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Congratulations on your winning layout! You can go to News and Announcements and

      the weekly winners from each week should be there.

  21. The Signs of Spring
  22. Here's my title:
  23. Wish it were now LOL
  24. Those birds are so cool!
  25. I used KME_Defining Moments The tree across from our house....well, not yet this spring LOL
  26. What a beautiful explosion of flowers!
  27. Love all the layers and beautiful colors!
  28. What a cute dog! Perfect name and shamrock worthy. Love the pin and layered papers.
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