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  2. Becster

    Pick a Gift Round 2 starts now!

    I'll stick with #18!
  3. Choir program was this morning, two more Sundays left (easy stuff) until we are retired. Again. Love the new director and looking forward to singing in the choir again instead of being in charge.

  4. Today
  5. MariJ

    Cookie Exchange 2018

    I would swear I posted a link but I can’t find it here, so hope I didn’t put it in the wrong place! Here’s the first of mine - Terry’s Pretzel Bark
  6. MariJ

    2018 cookie swap__snowball creams

    This looks like such a festive cookie to make and have on Christmas and your card is so elegant and festive, too!
  7. MariJ

    Project Life_December 2018 #2

    This is such a pretty page and I really like the background you chose and your Christmas cluser is so festive. I really liked looking through your photos and reading your journaling. Scout looks so cute in his basket and I like the big Menorah, they have them outside some of the synagogues here.
  8. MariJ

    2018 Cookie Swap_Chocolate_Oatmeal-Bars

    I saw these in my recipe download and they look so good since I really like oatmean cookes and these bars sound awesome. Your card is so pretty and I like the collection you used.
  9. MariJ

    2018 cookie swap_cheese star biscuits

    I remember you talking about making them and they sounded so good so I am happy to have the recipe! I love cheese and the biscuits look so pretty cut into star shapes. I just might have to leave out the cayenne since I don’t do well with spicy things. I love your card, Jane - it’s so pretty!
  10. Jane in N.Z

    Project Life 2018

    Here is my December #2
  11. Jane in N.Z

    Project Life_December 2018 #2

    SRO_Daily Life AFT_SSPaper_BlendedEdges BMU_CottageChristmas GWH_WinterTrim ASO_brush_GlitterGrunge ASO_Styles_BasicGlitter ABR_ornate
  12. Yesterday
  13. Jane in N.Z

    2018 Cookie Swap_Chocolate_Oatmeal-Bars

    These sound yummy and I like your card
  14. A-M

    2018 cookie swap_cheese star biscuits

    These sound good. I might just make these this week, so thankyou. Another lovey recipe card.
  15. A-M

    2018 cookie swap__snowball creams

    These sound very tempting.... !!! Lovely recipe card you have created.
  16. A-M

    Week 33

    You have created a pretty page to share your happenings for this week in August.
  17. Marie-Christine

    Christmas Carols London

  18. Susie Roberts

    2018 Cookie Swap_Chocolate_Oatmeal-Bars

    What a lovely way to use the Gathering Together collection! That recipe looks magnificent!
  19. Susie Roberts


    Fantastic design using two of the paper overlays! They are really fun to work with!
  20. Susie Roberts

    The Night Before Christmas

    Divine page with a perfect photo! I love seeing kids decorate the tree!
  21. Susie Roberts

    Visiting Santa

    Love the design of this page, especially how you have placed the trees to show perspective.
  22. Florida granny

    Visiting Santa

    Sweet photo. I love the mix of papers here.
  23. Florida granny

    The Night Before Christmas

    So beautiful!
  24. Florida granny

    Week 33

    You got some great photos; I can't believe how grown-up Karlie looks.
  25. Florida granny


    I need to try this! I love your recipe card, especially the design on the right with the title and the photo.
  26. Florida granny


    Coconut and easy? Perfect!! Great recipe and a pretty card.
  27. Florida granny

    White Chocolate Chunk and Cherry Cookies

    These sound scrumptious! I love your pretty card, especially with that little piece of chocolate peeking out from the cluster. Your bg reminds me of peppermint, too.
  28. Florida granny

    Soft Molasses Cookies

    I love anything with molasses so will definitely try these! Lovely photo and a very festive card.
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