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We had a low-key day on my birthday, but I still wanted to scrap it. Since I really didn't have a good picture, I thought I would try out the action that I got recently.

Journaling reads: On March 23 I turned 37. Since Jason

didn’t have to work, I decided to take

the day off myself. It was so relaxing

to stay in. We thought about going to

Busch Gardens but decided we’ll do it

another day. He had class that night,

so I hung out with Mom and Dad. To

me, 37 sounds a lot older than it feels.

I really don’t feel much different than

I did at 27. I guess that just proves that

37 is just a number!

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Love that sketch of yourself! I'll bet that action comes in handy when the picture isn't that clear but you really like it anyway!


Love your journalling! For me each year comes and I celebrate it with whole-heartedness. I love what I accomplish each year and my birthday just verifies those things that I am doing with my life and the places I go and people I meet. Happy Birthday!

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Great layout - love the technique you applied - beautiful layout - very interesting layout - awesome! Love it!

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Clairee..your sketch turned out so beautiful..look at those gorgeous tones in your hair! Amen on the jounaling..where did all the time go? Weren't we in high school not too long ago?

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This is so nice! I love the quiet simplicity and way to salvage a not-so-good photo by using an action on it! I love how it blends into the background!

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