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Kelsey & Steven Cousins

Kelsey & Steven Cousins

Oh my, do I love this new reflection action or what?!!! This was a very special moment for Kelsey! Steven Cousins was our guest skater this year.

I had most of the LO finished but, had no clue on how to do the border...took a look in Brandy Murry's gallery and found just what I needed, the wire borders! :D

Supplies in the EXIF

    Nice job with the new reflections action. I liked the 3 ways you used it in the same LO.
    Gorgeous, Glorie! What a lovely layout and, you're right, the wire borders look great!
    This is gorgeous Glorie..I didn't think about what it would look like reflected off ice... Cool! Maybe I will get a chance to see her skating with the reflection..i bet that would be so pretty!
    Beautiful job. I love the reflection!
    Beautiful job. I love the reflection!
    Glorie, this is so beautiful! Your use of the reflections is terrific here, and I like the images inside the circles.
    Well, they just keep getting better and better, The wire frame around the edge was the perfect final touch as it holds everything together so nicely (besides matching the word "sweet"). The reflection looks as authentic as it gets and the placement of the circle frames is right on. Super great!!!
    This looks fabulous! Love all the content- sharp photos and what wonderful memories you have preserved. Beautiful job with the reflections! The title looks really great and the overall effect is really sharp. Great page!
    Love the reflections and the wire border! Great job
    Great border (almost celtic, one of my favs!) and of course, the REFLECTIONS! Very cool!