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Thank-you, Rya!

Thank-you, Rya!

Journaling, It is Rya's last year at DEFSC. She rose to senior level in skating and was the girl to watch and learn from. Kelsey has looked up to Rya in many ways!

This will be a gift to Rya. She has been Kelsey's teacher and a wonderful person.

Supplies in the EXIF

    Oh how beautiful Glorie! I love your photos and the lovely tribute to your dd's mentor and teacher. She's going to love this! And Brandy's lovely Bee's knees collection works so perfectly for this. Just so sweet!
    This is really lovely Glorie. So soft and delicate and pretty. Rya will be so touched by your thoughtfulness.
    This is so light and airy, soft and sweet. The bit of lace behind the photos gives such a delicate touch. I love how you have linked the three smaller circles with the larger circle.
    Very feminine, very lovely.
    So beautiful, really an amazing LO. Love the border at the bottom and the way you used the circles. 10 out of 10 from me!
    This is really, really pretty. Scrap Girls Boutique, here I come.
    Beautifully displayed! The pictures are well showcased!
    What a beautiful gift this will be! The ribbon and simple floral embellishments add so much. Beautiful!