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Tulip Visitor


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Tulip Visitor

Finally had some Sunshine on Saturday, so we all went out for a walk around the Olympia Capitol Campus. We must have made quite a sight--we're a pretty geeky family: Mom with the Nikon, Dad with the Fuji, Katie with our old Olympus point-and-shoot, and Nick with Dad's iPhone checking into and creating Spots on Gowalla (cool iPhone app using GPS to check locations you visit and when you check in, you can pick up virtual items. It's like a game on Facebook (which I usually don't like), except you actually have to go somewhere to collect your items--so there is actual activity involved Posted Image)
Supplies: the picture :) , processed in ACR and PSCS4 (curves and sharpening), Julie Mead's frame (FYB_frame_grunge1_juliemead) resized and recolored.

    Fabulous shot.
    Goodness me look at the clarity in this. Amazing!
    great photo