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Scrapgirls Chats -Another one for High Noon Chat 4-14-10

Scrapgirls Chats -Another one for High Noon Chat 4-14-10

I did another layout for the High Noon Chat of using one photo challenge. LOL. :jawdrop: The girls got me really hungry for some brownies and a cuppa; like they do each time I attend a chat. :D EVEN when I eat...I still start craving food and coffee. We always end up talking about food somehow during all SG chats. :situps: :banana: :hahohi: Today we talked about blueberry pie, mocha coffee and almond biscotti's. YUMMY. So, I left the chat early :drive1: to go get me a big cup of Cappuccino and some brownie melt bites from a local fast food restaurant. Yummy! :hit-head-with-hammer: I know it is not healthy :scale: but heck we are all enablers here at SG right? LOL! :roll-on-floor-laughing: Either scrapping or good food and good company, right? :justthinkingabout it: My supplies are in the EXIF properties. TFL!

    How cute! Your layout is making my drool all over my keyboard.
    drool drool.

    yum. I need a napkin. Thanks for sharing!
    Really cute. I love all the golden colors and the to do list.
    Soooooooooo cute! I love it - the colors are great and NOW I am hungry too! How do we manage this - on the MB all day - yet, we cook, clean, vacuum, change diapers, and etc, etc, etc, - we are all such great multi-taskers I think - or is it just feeding our addiction to SG? Whatever the reason, you made it look fun in your awesome layout!
    Oh yum! We did do a lot of food chatting this morning. :D Love your layout! My list isn't much different. ;)
    This is awesome Missy! :rofl: I LOVE that ya had to go out and get'cha a cappuccino and some brownie bites after our chat..... was it something I said? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: YOUR layout is terrific! LOVE it!
    This is adorable - if I had some $$ & a vehicle I'd have been headed out for a Blizzard myself! LOL Love the warm yummy colors, the rich tones, crunchy layers... oh wait, we were talking about the layout. Well, same as above only not... um... crunchy. ;) Had fun in the chat & this is, well, appetizing!
    roflol... so true. I love it! Fantastic concept and wonderful layout! :-)
    That is so SWEET, Missy! Literally!

    My dark chocolate M&Ms inspired me, too! Love the warm coffee colors overlaying the page
    and the photo blending the cup into that page! NICE!

    It was good to "see you" again!
    This is soo cute. I think all the Scrap Girls can certainly identify with this one.