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Choosing my favorite flower is just not possible. So for today ... it is the forsythia. I love this quote from Anne Lindburgh ...

Forsythia is pure joy. Ther is not an ounce, not a glimmer of sadness or even knowledge in forsythia. Pure, undiluted, untouched joy!

With PSE8 ...
STI Promise ... lace and tag
SG Collab Spring MRE Garden ... paper
SNU Sanded Edge Black

    Forsythia just shouts SPRING!! Love your card.
    Great quote ... I like how you carried it out in the little round tag at the top. Yes, I too love seeing that pop of yellow around here in the spring!
    Great photo of the forsythia, and I absolutely love the quote.
    This is so beautiful! Your quote is wonderful. I like the beveled edge of the photo and the raised border. Into my favorites it goes.
    Kay what a wonderful ATC! I love the lace, the quote AND I love your beautiful Forsythia photo! Thank you so much for participating in the April Flower's ATC Swap!
    Oh how beautiful Kay, I love the touch of ribbon alongside your beautiful flowers. What a lovely shade of yellow. So bright and cheery!
    Awwww....beautiful! I just love the quote too!!
    It is pure joy, isnít it! I donít have a bush of my own and wanted to get a branch to photograph for an embellishment this spring because . . . well, itís just such a sign of spring! Anyway, I kept running into them in a couple of yards where I didnít feel comfortable asking if I could break off a branch, so I had given up. Then when I took my garbage to the dump (live in the country), I drove right beside a bush on my way out that had been planted beside the old school that is now a community center which fronts the dump. Figured it was my community, so Iíd help Ďtrim the bushí! I wish Iíd had my camera with me so that I could have taken a photo like yours, but at least I was able to bring my branch home and now have some Forsythia embellishments! Nice quote to go with your photo.
    Beautiful spray, on a wonderful background and I love the quote. :-)