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Peony Tulips


© Heatheranne

Peony Tulips

Peony Tulips
Made with PSP X2, on a PC, with Win 7

DEB_Forest Path
ASO_SS_Embl_Photo Masks_Fanciful
HAW_Aging Brush (I learned to make this brush with Ro's Software Secrets Revealed)

Font: Canterbury Script

Peony Tulip
Heatheranne - Heather A Whitman - April 2010

    I think you should frame this layout. It's beautiful. The colors are so rich and I love the blending.
    Heather what a wonderful ATC! I love the brushwork, the photomask AND I love your photo of your beautiful Peony Tulips! Thank you for participating in the April Flowers ATC!
    Heather, this is so pretty. You did some wonderful blending of the flowers into your bg papers and I love the flowers, so colorful and lovely!
    Wow ... nice brush work and you made the brush yourself! I've been thinking I need to go back and review Ro books. I know there is stuff in there that didn't make sense a year ago that would be very helpful now.