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Birdbath Garden


© Heatheranne

Birdbath Garden

Birdbath Garden
Made with PSP X2, on a PC, with Win 7

DEB_Forest Path
ASO_SS_Embl_Photo Masks_Fanciful
HAW_Aging Brush (I learned to make this brush with Ro's Software Secrets Revealed)

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Birdbath Garden
Heatheranne - Heather A Whitman - April 2010

    Wow, so gorgeous. The photo is fabulous & I love how you aged it and made it so ethereal looking. Fabulous brush work.
    Heather another wonderful ATC! I love the blended photo, congrats on making the cool brush AND I love your birdbath garden photo! Thank you for another submission!
    LOVELY Heatheranne, I think your birdbath is glowing! I love your brushwork and the lovely flowers just starting to pop out of the earth!
    Ohhhh, I need to remember this when I'm sketching out what I want my yard to look like. I need to put in birdbath for my birds too. Great photo!