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Music of the Forest (right side)

Music of the Forest (right side)

And the journaling page ...
Journaling reads:
Toby and Eryn mention frequently
oneof the things they miss not living
in Oregon any more is the sound of the
wind high in the branches of the trees.
Ever since I was a little kid I have loved
to go sit in little hidey-holes like this in
the forest and be very still listening to
all the different sounds around me -
rustling critters in the leaves, birds
singing amongst the branches, and
as I grew older even to this day,
the peace and serenity in the
stillness of all the sounds of
nature ... the music of the forest.

I took this picture on a walk with Mike
in the lower pasture area of our home
in Oregon June 2009

With PSE 8
tangie AJC 15 (frame)
JDE Watercolor Nature
ABL Naturalist's Journal
VRA Cook Book Stains Brush
BMU From The Desk Of
KSC Years Gone By
BMU Mossy
SNU Collage Art Brush
SNU Collage Art
ASO Frippery
MRE Inspired
SNU Noteworthy

    Very pretty layout. I especially like the notebook and the frame.
    Ohhhhhhhhhh Kayyyyyyyyyy this is so LOVELY! So magical and beautiful and I love your journaling and the little sprite coming out of the envelope is just darling. SUPER sweet layout.
    Beautiful, beautiul page. It is a lovely companion to the other page, and I absolutely love the music notes in the background, and the notebook with the journaling. Gr4eat work here.
    So pretty, love all the papers and elements you used!
    Love the boarder. Great LO. Lovely.