Last weekend in the gorgeous spring sunshine we took our first family trip to the Beach. It was great just to mess about on the sand near the water and feel gorgeous sun on my face. Hopefully just a little taste of what summer has to bring.







BMU_Squirt_EMB_FlipFlop-Left copy


BMU_Squirt_EMB_Sparkle copy



BMU_Squirt_EMB_Splat-Lh-Clear copy

BMU SS Brushes Clouds


EHI DynBrush Paintsplatter

Birds and gliders extracted from photos taken on the day.

Photoshop CS3

Canon Rebel XTi


Thanks for looking

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This is such a neat layout! I love how seamlessly your photo blends in with your title and the rest of the page-great job!

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This is one AWESOME LO! You did a superb job on the photo extraction, especially the little details of the birds and the gliders. I also like how you blended the photo into the background. TFS!

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What a great idea to create the clouds with the brushes and then have birds flying through them. Neat!

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I love your beach scenes . . you always use the most wonderful shade of blue. I'm really intrigued by the clouds and birds which turned out to be quite effective. And those extractions took some time and patience but well worth the effort . I'm happy to hear that you finally had a "taste" of some sunshine in your little part of the world. I know how you love the beach and this LO reflects those good times.

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Oh wow, this is beautiful! I love the photo extractions and the blending of the main photo extraction. The title looks perfect and I love the bubbles. :-)

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