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Today is the First Day...

The title for this page, and song, has become a cliche - but it's still true. I've always liked the song, recorded by John Denver on his Rhymes & Reasons album, and thought he wrote it. But, having spent years drumming correct attribution into students' heads, I looked it up. Both lyrics and music were actually credited to P. & V. Garvey; I found no further information about them, or anything else they've written. Eventually I want to pair this page with one featuring the poem "Birthday" by Mark Davidson:


A birthday is any day

Someone discovers

You are a present.

A birthday is any day

In any way

Your life becomes a party.

A birthday is any day

You find yourself

Rejoicing because

You find yourself

Continuing to be born.


Mark Davidson


The messages seem to go together.

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This is so gorgeous, Jo. I love the butterflies and the curled edges you used. What font did you use for the body of your text? I really like that.

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The font is CK Heritage. It's in the EXIF properties file, but I haven't figured out how to make the information print as a list instead of a paragraph, and I forgot the separating semicolon.

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