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waiting patiently

waiting patiently

The best thing about summer at the beach is our trip to the boardwalk rides. This is the right side of a 2-pager.

It also uses my Antique Rose Transparency Freebie. I overlayed the transparency and changed the color a bit. Look for it in the freebies. It should be available soon.

    These expressions are just too cute!!! I will have to remember to do something similar with my boys as they are playing their video games!

    I love this 2-pager! Great LO!
    Mar 31 2005 03:59 AM
    Love this!!
    Photos are great!
    Those expressions are superb!!
    Love the succession of photos and the LO too! Great job
    I love your font work in the upper left, but I must say the concerned look on your son's face in the middle picture is just adorable!!
    His expressions are priceless! How cute! I love this transparency, too. Great job!
    Love the word art strip! Looks like he was having fun.