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GaSP part 2

GaSP part 2

Black White version

SS products only

NO other products

girls in chat wanted to see how i first set up using So many products... i added all the ss products i thought would work, then when i was done i colored with a single kit and clipping

    This is awesome in B&W!!
    I love the way you have the pictures set up in photo booth style. It emphasized that the were taken in quick succession.
    Ha ha! Love it!
    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the black and white! And the photo booth style pics are just awesome - Great layout and I really got a giggle out of looking at it - it is a very nice layout and I enjoyed seeing it.
    Thanks for showing us this one. I like the colors better, but this is awesome too. I never thought about getting it all together before coloring them. I'll have to try it.
    I like this one, too. The black & white is so cool. That's an interesting technique, too - making your own template.
    This is really cute! and I really like your LO in the gray tones!
    Love it! Love the circle paper and the photo frame strip. Love the design.
    Thanks for posting this, Angela! I can totally see how you almost kept in B/W because it does look cool this way. Thanks for shedding some insight into your technique.
    Super action photos and I love the little touch of blue in the photos, against the monochromatic background. :-)