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Mess or Masterpiece: Invisible Together


Rozanne Paxman

Mess or Masterpiece: Invisible Together


Supplies: Heartfelt Collection Mini, Funny Face Add-ons Christmas Embellishment Mini, Textured Cardstock Paper Biggie: Brights,From the Desk Of Collection Biggie, Witch's Brew Collection,Assemble Your Own: Storybook Figures - Basic Bodies Biggie, Park Play Collection,Brush Set: 4x6 Sincerely Yours, Glitter Party Paper

    LOL This is great!
    How cute. Great job.
    bwahahaha! So fun!
    Wow! roflol Masterpiece! Great imagination, to use your selections this way. I love it! :-)
    Funny, this is cute. And your colors all match!
    Great job! This is cool!
    Just awesome!
    How clever is that! You made a really neat layout Ro. Definitely in the Masterpiece category. I love how you make invisible elves. Too funny.
    LOL! Made me laugh-I would say you succeeded in attaining Masterpiece level!

    Thanks for the great challenge!