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April Swap for Heatheranne 1


© Vaughnde

April Swap for Heatheranne 1

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Poem written by Heatheranne:
A Whisper of Spring

The signs are there for all to see
Drizzling rain and a whisper on the breeze
Of weather that will surely please.

The water has risen to overflow the dam,
Fresh grasses and seedlings scent the air,
A dream of temperatures so fair.

The benches are cleared and ready for a sit,
Songs of migrating birds come back to nest,
Gathering grasses, then at night they rest.

The Sun hangs in the sky, smiling brighter,
The earth swells with movement of worms and seeds,
Soon will sprout flowers, to fill visual needs.

A path that winds around trees and across streams,
Has given up its blanket of white to unfreeze,
For relaxing walks that are sure to please.

I really enjoyed doing this one for you Heather!

    And you did a beautiful job, Vaughnde. I know she is going to love it.
    Vaughnde, this LO is just beautiful and has such good balance to it!
    V you do beautiful work - love the accordion album on the side. Heatheranne - very nice poetry! Enjoyed reading it.
    Oooo very pretty Vaughnde, I LOVE your layout! The bg paper and blending is awesome and your framed photos are so pretty too Heatheranne! YOU do great collaborations together! :) Love it!
    Very nice Vaughnde. I love the tree photo BG. What a great job blending!
    Oh Vaughnde, this is so beautiful! I knew you would work miracles with the photos that I sent! I love the blended background and putting that little birdbath, from the Mosaic collection, is a touch of genious! Thankyou so very much! :-)
    What beautiful journaling! I love the photos and those bird embellies are adorable!! Thanks for joining the swap this month!
    Nice, I like the background photo & the drop book of photos.
    Gorgeous V, your blending work is superb!
    Vaughnde, this is so lovely! I know Heatheranne has to love it! I love the folded frame you used for the detail shots and I love the blending you did on the tree photo. Heather, that is one amazing poem!