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Too Much ???

No matter what your preference ... white-lets or dark-lets ... in my opinion, there is no such thing as too much chocolate! Chocolates from I Got Goodies in North Adams :)

With PSE8 ...

SNU Chocolate Candy 6301 style

SBA Metalfoil 6501 style

VRA Jelly 2101 style

rainy day word art

tangie Brown Sugar Mona Lisa

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Fantastic Kay! :rofl: I LOVE it! YUMMMMM makes me want to eat some chocolate... and GO TO FRANCE ;) Wanna go with me? ;) I know where the Louvre is ...... :walkinghelmet:.... I'm on my way ;)

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Oh la la, Kay - you've outdone yourself on this one. I could go for a trip to the Louvre to see Mona with you. Taking the chocolates along, of course!

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a true work of art...

so THAT's what she's been smiling about all this time. Mystery solved!


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lol Wonderful, fun layout! I love the chocolates background, with the image of the Mona Lisa - I always wondered what she was thinking about, with that little smile - now I know - chocolate!!! roflol I also love the word art - it's so perfect. :-)

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Oh my goodness Kay I love it! Looks like I NEED..... some of those chocolates --- I would have that smile on my face too if I was surrounded by all that chocolate! I love your title --- Thank you so much for participating in the May Chocolate ATC Swap!

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