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PRJ SG 2010: MAY 3-9

PRJ SG 2010: MAY 3-9

I'm loving the photo focus club and all the practice taking photos every day ... lots of fodder for this project :) I want to say a big thank you to the SG team for the recent newsletter tutorial on painting doodled outlined embellies and brushes. I've had more fun playing with that technique (filling in the H in the quote journal block) I love learning new things and then having projects where I can continue to practice and improve my skills.

With PSE8 ...
SNU Sanded Edge Black style (love the way this style adds dimension to the photos so quickly)
tangie & asexton: AJC Parcel 2 (bird cage, bird, journal block)
tangie Splatter Graphics

    What a fun layout to look at Kay!!! I keep looking at it and finding some thing new. Looks like a great week you had here.
    What a great layout. And I agree with your sentiments 100%.
    love the lo and how you used the different fonts...they all work so nicely together... and you tied in the photos each with the sanded edges.... where is that tuts? i must've missed it...point me in the right directions

    you used the tuts so well...and i know what you mean about the playing and learning

    ps...love seeing your dgs and dgd...i am always a softy for a crying child photo!
    This is terrific Kay - I love your photos - and the drawn in doodle looks fantastic