This is stunning! Love how the photo is enlarged and blended into the background and then repeated in a smaller size. I also like the journaling directly on the photo and I love the purple, teal, and green colors here!

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Guest Sara Arell

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Oh, Shaelee - THOSE EYES! They are gorgeous and drew me right to that precious little face right away! I love that you blended the big pic into the background and then added the small pic - just beautiful I like the journaling "Remember" that you put right on the photograph - it looks perfect there - this layout is just absolutely unique and I think I really like it because the pictures are so big and one is just drawn right into the whole layout - beginning, of course, with those beautiful eyes. You did a wonderful job on this layout and I really enjoyed seeing it in the wee hours of the morning! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful memory of yours!

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Super photo and look at those beautiful eyes! Just gorgeous! I love the way you've done the background and the little photo. The snowflake embellishments are perfect, as is the whole arrangement. :-)

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