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Come To Me

Took this photo as Sam was getting her make up done for Prom, and I love the look. Seeing her leave for Prom, got me to think of the Celine Dion song Come to Me. That song has always made me cry, but last night it effected me even more.



I will always love you, no matter what

No matter where you go or what you do

And knowing you you're gonna have to do things

your own way, and that's okay.

So be free, spread your wings

and promise me just one thing.


If you ever need a place to cry baby

come to me, come to me.

I've always known that you were born to fly

But you can come to me

if the world breaks your heart

No matter where on earth you are,

you can come to me.

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Wow, gorgeous & dramatic. I love how you colorized the eyes and bow. Beautiful lady & beautiful LO> TFS.

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