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My Valentine


© Virginia Wilson Adkins 2010

My Valentine

Well, this was my first Valentine's Day with my husband, so we took a lot, a lot of pictures, and I wanted to play with them before I get started on my wedding album, so, here you go. This is my first digital page ever, and I'm excited with how it turned out! (I use Gimp, by the way.)

Background: California Cool by Valerie Foster (I recolored it to work, but it's still her work)
Doodads: California Cool by Valerie Foster
Cinnamon by Jennifer Reed
Winter Romance by Correen Silke
Gimp Brushes: I got them from a google search ages ago. I don't remember, sorry.

    Very fun Virginia, what a wonderful way to spend the day, with romance and a camera, :lol: Love the black and white photos mixed with your color. You did a terrific job on your first ever digital layout! Congratulations.
    Wow, this is your first digital page? It's fabulous!
    Wow! Wonderful layout and it's hard to believe that it's your first one! I love the film strip photos and your main photos, along with the framing. The title and date look awesome. The colours look wonderful, with the colours in your photos. :-)
    Virginia, this is great! It all just fits! The kits you've chosen fit the photos - and vice versa! Looks like everyone had a great day. Love the red - it makes it pop. If this is your first LO I can't wait to see your next ones!!
    Awesome job! And I totally love those pictures... your dh looks like a total goof, just like mine! ;) Congrats on a first Valentine's Day as a married couple, and honestly, I can't wait to see what else you can do if this is your first try! Thanks for sharing with us! :)
    You have done a nice job on your first layout. It's beautiful.