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Titan's new calf

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We finally got a close look at our newest calf. Mother has kept her hidden just outside the fence line for the last 2 days. The mother just about got my son the other nite when he went looking for the calf and she was about an eighth of mile away when she saw him looking for the calf. He barely had time to run to the fence and jump in the ravine. He only had to run about a 100 yards to her eighth of a mile and she almost hooked him. A couple of more days and she will calm down and not care quite so much.

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Well I am glad to hear your DS got out of the way in time as those horns sure look dangerous!!! Love your blending and such cute photos :)

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Oh how SWEET! I love the new photos of the baby! She's adorable. Wow, that momma sure is protective! I'm glad your son managed to get out of the way in time! I love the bg blending and the sweet title. Very cool layout!

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