The Original Merkley Monkeys

Jan M.
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My boys earned the name Merkley Monkeys from their Papa Parry when they were little. Our Chris was soooo into

climbing. It didn't matter what the object was or how high it went up, if there was a way to climb it, he did. The

amazing thing is that he never fell whereas if it were Kyran climbing we'd all be in a panic! But Chris conquered

way high trees and basketball standards. And one night when we were outside visiting with neighbors we heard this

little voice calling, "Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" Looking around we couldn't see Chris anywhere. Then we heard, "Up here!"

And there he was...almost to the top of the street light pole! Do you realize how tall a street light pole is? Well, let me

tell you...they are WAAAY tall!! The mothers in our neighborhood didn't understand how I could stay so calm when

Chris was found high off the ground. But I had realized that no amount of talking, pleading or grounding did any good

when it came to Chris and his climbing. He was going to climb no matter what! I was blessed with this calmness as a

sanity saver that allowed me to survive his childhood. Now my boys are all daddies with children of their own. And

guess what? We now have a new generation of Merkley Monkeys!! Climbing their little hearts out...panicking parents...

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