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Rikus Versus TV

This is my sisters grandchild. He can't understand why the TV just fell on him.

ABR SummerRom Emb PhotoMask

PWR SSPaper Stacked5

DCA Conversation Bubbles 6

MRE WellLoved Emb Hardware Staple

VRA Dresden EmbCord4

VRA Paper Mango

SG Refresh EMB: ABL Sailboat;SJO Shake;KSC Beach Ball;ABR SandCastle;EHI FlipFlop


KVE LaVieRose Emb2 Angel

Brush by Shir Band Aid

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Ouch! Those jumping TVs will get you every time. He's a cutie and looks like an angel! Love the little cherub and the single flip flop, and the conversation bubble works so well here! Super cute!

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