Such a Clown!

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I loved this Gleeful paper when if came out and was inspired by ZackandEvasMom's Explore LO:

In my mind I removed her daughter and put in my dog, LOL! I was happy that it turned out as whimsical as the idea looked in my head.

TY ZackandEvasMom!

I created a second layer of the BG paper and erased the sky so I could get a drop shadow and a little more depth around the tree and ground.

Then I cut out a couple of flowers and placed them in the foreground with a light drop shadow for a little more interest.

I want to give a 'shout out' to Syndee Nuckles and her AYO Collage Art-Children, I find I use a little piece or 2 in so many LO's that I do. That collection is just so versatile!

The full supply list is in the EXIF properties.

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