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We're On The Move Again
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We're On The Move Again

In 4 days time we will be driving out of the home we've had here in Beavercreek, Ohio for the past year - to our new home in Cheyenne, Wyoming (hopefully we'll get to spend at least two years there). We will have about four days there when my DH will in-process at his new assignment, then we are going on holiday!! Oh yeah!! Holiday!

I wanted to send something out to all of our friends and family around the world to let them know where we'll be going so I thought up this little idea! It's a 4x6 and I will attach it to emails.

While I was making it I got exhausted thinking about the miles that we are about to do - with three children, two trailers (for the first leg of the journey anyway) and two trucks (needless to say beaucoup amounts of chocolate shall be consumed - in my truck at least!!).

So here are our travel plans for the next month ... anyone want to do a road trip?!?!

Products I used on this LO are:


CVA SSTools Scripts Rename Layer

DMI_RoadTrip GoinG Places (I just spent about 10 minutes trying to find this collection and I can't!! Sorry Dinny!)

DMI_RoadTrip Journey

DMI_RoadTrip Places to Go

DMI_RoadTrip Road Trip








Fonts = MisterEarl BT, McParland


© CAT Photography ©

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What a cute LO Carole! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Can I come along? Sounds like so much fun.....and when it's not so fun, then haul in the chocolate!!

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