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Candy Mystery_June Monthly Layout_Candy Inspired

Candy Mystery_June Monthly Layout_Candy Inspired

Okay, this one is very different for me- LOL. I was playing with SS Paper Templates and wound up with a "black hole." Inspiration struck!

My candy inspiration is Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate. Colors are several shades of blue (bg,) including a turquoise-ish blue (whoosh,) gold (bg,lettering and outer frame,) white (outer frame) and milk chocolate brown (picture frame and parts of tray.)

The outer frame is a stroke placed on its own layer (which I learned here!) using a "woven wide" pattern which is built into Adobe_PSCS4, with a fun Oil Slick style applied. Also a result of playing but matches my candy wrapper.

This must be the black hole in my kitchen into which all Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate disappears.

Materials in EXIF. TFL!

    A chocolate picture frame, Yum! Cute Lo and clever idea. Don't you love it when a LO becomes better by accident?
    SO cute! I love it, and the inspiration for it. It's so neat to just play sometimes, isn't it?
    Very funny! I like your black hole!
    How cute, Dot. I love the black hole.
    This is so unusual. I love unusual. We have also got a black hole in our kitchen.
    What a neat background you created! I love the whoosh word art. Beautiful colors.