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TWirling for Joy


© Mary Walton

TWirling for Joy

My daughter is a baton twirler and these are some photos from her last competition. The lo is inspired by the Almond Joy wrapper. Mmmmmm wish I had one now!

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    Great layout! Love how you got the "Joy" part of the candy name in your title! She looks like a natural.
    Oh, this is really cute! Great way to use your inspiration candy in the title and colors. Love the photos! Great sport- very athletic and requires so much coordination. I was always in awe of twirlers. Great job!
    OOOOO YUM I love almond joys. What a fun group of photos you used on your layout and the colors are great.
    I love this LO and it's composition! The photos are wonderful.
    I wish I had an Almond Joy now too! :)
    I had to take a peek at this LO! It brings back wonderful memories for me. You captured some great action photos and it looks as if you put her on top of the world. Love your inspiration!
    Beautiful photos and the colors of her outfit work so well with the Almond Joy package colors. Nicely done.