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STAR Challenge 6_30 - for Trish - What a Day

STAR Challenge 6_30 - for Trish - What a Day

This is the one photo I remembered to take when everyone came to the MOA... We had so much fun... I really thought I had you talked into these boots Trish! :lol:

TYO_BetterHalf_Emb_RibbonPink's Drop Shadow
TYO_MosaicRetreat_Emb_Dragonfly copy

    Trishy is so pretty! That's a great photo of her, Rosemary! Look at your bg in boot matching color and with the MOA letters! Wonderful! Great title and it looks great, too. Love the polaroid frame on Trishy. Didn't get the boots?? They have Trishy's name on them! Super layout!
    What a fun page Rosemary. Fantastic job with the challenge. Love those star buttons. :)
    Great layout Rosemary!! Love the embellishments, especially the start buttons! Love the color scheme too!
    OMG Trish. . .what a "cutie". . .LOVE HER SMILE !!!! Come'on Trish. . .you passed those BOOTS UP?????
    Rosemary your colors for this layout are "spot on". . .Just perfect for the photo. . . And well I THINK those BOOTS were "spot on" for Trish too. . . Tsk Tsk trish. . .now ya gotta go BACK AGAIN !!! (or have them shipped. . .what???. . .just putt'n it out there)Posted Image
    Love this! lol

    I still want those boots, but yeah I couldn't drop the $300+ on them at the moment. I think I need to start a boot fund, then they are mine!

    I love the colors you used, the LO is so pretty. Thank you so much Rosemary! :D
    What a great photo of Trish and the layout is so fun! I hope you all had a blast!
    love your journaling...and i hope you are sending mr trish a copy of your lo! LOL

    great colors and fun lo
    Wonderful job, Rosemary. I love the color scheme and alpha’s, with those cute little star buttons. The font you used to journal on the photo is perfect. It looks JUST like you had hand-written it right on the actual photo.

    PS – Thanks for the message. I had mooch-o computer problems this spring and was unable to get online for the longest time! Then, I had to concentrate totally on scrapping last year’s photos for the reunion I take with my old college friends. We went to Orange Beach, AL; so I have some good oil spill photos to scrap for next year!
    Fun LO and how you tied the western theme into the western boots. I totally love those boots BTW. I think Trish you need to go back and get them, but come when I'm there.
    Awesome LO Rosemary.
    Love the layout Rosemary! Wish I had been able to make it that day!!! Oh, yes, Trish definitely needs to start a boot fund. Those are just too cool!