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SWEET (and Cute!)

SWEET (and Cute!)

Striking a blow for all us SG Diabetics - What a topic! CANDY!!!

Well at the moment I have latched onto BASKIN ROBINS - Sugar Free Hard Candy in Ice Cream Flavours!!!
How Good is that!!!!????
I'm all out of Mint Choc Chip, but I'm eating my way through Pralines and Cream and been planning all month to do this;
but here I am on the tail end after yet another hospital trip, just throwing something together, because someone has to stand up for us DM sufferers who have been drooling over the entries to date! <Grin>

Here's a sample - but the Pralines & Cream have brown stripes with white writing.


Fonts: Snap IT; Segoe Script
LCO_Fairy Princess_FairyDust @ 34%
Hard Square Brush used for name banner, smaller brush for white border
Photo was duplicated, bottom layer blurred (Gaussian) then a mask used to paint original through.
Added a Glow to the cropped picture of her cake

(It's so good to be able to scrap again!)

    This is so sweet Jan. (Pun intended. LOL ;)) Pretty colors and I love the curl on the photo corner.