My Sister, Donna

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I'm trying some simpler pages. :) What better subject than my sister!


Not too many supplies to list:

My link


My link

TCS_EndearingYou_Emb-FlowerGreen.png (I used 4 layers to get the fullness I wanted on the flower)

Font: Baby Bowser with an ivory stroke around it. I had to play with the drop shadow a bit.


I made a sunny glow behind my extracted photo with an ivory colored impressionist brush, erasing and re-applying until it looked right.

I have loved this paper since I got it but hadn't used it yet. Donna's favorite color is aqua/teal so this seemed like the perfect time to use this paper. I love how the flower petals just seem to grow out from behind her, like an Indian Goddess.


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That is a pretty paper & how fortuitously it works with your sister's shape. The halo is a nice effect. Great font.

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