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Pregnancy Week 31

Pregnancy Week 31

Things are getting a little interesting. I hope we can make it to a safe delivery date for my munchkins. I'm off work and trying to take it easy at home, now.

    I've sure enjoyed seeing your updates. :)

    My guys showed up at 30 weeks (8 years ago.) My water had broke and they couldn't stop 'em from coming. lol
    I hope your little ones stay in there longer for you.

    So...do you think you'll try to keep up with the weekly updates after they come? :blink: Maybe you'll be able to.
    But...any chance you get, for a while, might be for this: :going-to-sleep:
    oooohhhh, what a week! Hope that they will wait for awhile! Good title! You look great! Rest and keep up the good work!
    The page looks wonderful, as do you Theresa...you and the babies are in my thoughts and prayers for continued growing and developing time.
    Rest, pamper yourself as best you can, and you'll be holding 2 happy, healthy babies in a few weeks:)
    Thanks everyone-Char: I do hope to keep everyone up to date after the cuties are born, but who knows how much scrapping time I'll have! As you pointed out, naptime may take precedence :) .
    oh, my! You look beautiful! Take it easy and I'm praying for health and growth!
    Thanks for sharing this. Hope all is well. Glad to hear you are no longer working and are taking it easy.
    So close! I love that shade of blue.
    love the blue too - I'll send some "stay put" vibes your way for a couple of weeks. :)