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Adalyn's First Sunset

This sunset photo was taken on the evening that my sister-in-law delivered her first child--Adalyn--and the first girl born to our family since 1962! Whoo hoo! The sunset was so beautiful--but the new mommy and daddy (my brother) were stuck in a windowless hospital room. As I looked at the rays shooting forever upward, I thought how this sunset was a gift from God especially to them on the day of their daughter's birth, it would never happen again, so I snapped this with the only camera I had on me--my phone! Later, I took it into PSE and took out all the power/phone lines (my first attempt at photo editing), then played around for a month with the LO. Kudos to *Becca* who gave me pointers along the way about LO arrangement. My plan is to frame this as 12x12 (plus give them one for their scrapbook) and give it to my SIL on her birthday in August. It's been so hard to keep it a secret!













ASO_WCW_Emb_Spcl_Flwr1 (recolored)




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Wow, what a beautiful layout!! I love the story behind the photo- I know your sister in law will treasure it.

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Stunning photo and beautiful layout. I love the curved edges on the paper revealing the photo. Nicely done!

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I love the photo and the way you caught the sun rays coming from above the cloud. I think you did a great job embellishing it. Your SIL will love it. Karen

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Fabulous! What a wonderful gift for your family, and didn't they give you all a wonderful gift, too?! Great idea and so glad that you thought to snap the photo! It is a beautiful sunset, indeed, and the framing, name tag and date are great.

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Wow...the sunset is beautiful! You are right....a precious gift from God to the precious new family! What a wonderful gift idea!!

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