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Not My Finest Hour

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I used the AWI Fleeting Moments Solids Papers in Red, Blue and Green and the ASO SoBasically Paper2. One technique I used was to put the SoBasically paper on top of the red Fleeting Moments using a Luminosity mode. I made a photo mask using various grungy brushes and the colors orangish red and cream. I clipped my photo to the mask and changed the mask blend mode to luminosity. To get a bit more color I added a green photo mat with Fleeting Moments erasing parts of it and then clipped the blue Fleeting moments to the green mat and adjust the blend modes on each till I got the coloring I wanted. I added an inner soft bevel to the matting and also to the photo mask. My fonts are OOpie's Ma, Papyrus and LDJ Thankful. The journaling reads: My parents bought a service station when I was a junior in High School. I was supposed to work every day after school and on weekends. I didn't want to, I had another job and did not particularly like filling cars with gas(full service, shows my age). I realized later that it was a good job for me. I met lots of people and found I like helping people but this job was not my finest hour at the time for I was a selfish teenager. The sign is all that is left of that service station.

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I was too young to fill any cars with gas at my grandparents gas station (in the 60's), but I have old memories of kids coming in the little store to buy candy bars. Your journaling added so much to the LO and honestly you are saying the truth about teenagers! You sure did a lot to your LO to achieve this look, well done!!

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Great job with this and I loved the story. I'm one of those who can still remember full-service stations! I mean back when it was ALL full-service!

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