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Pregnancy Week 32

Pregnancy Week 32

Still pregnant! Had a fun shower, and the adventure continues.

    You look fabulous! I bet the shower was doubly (pun intended) good for you being on "couch potato" status:)
    Theresa, you look beautiful and glowing and so happy - I have loved your layout journaling of your pregnancy - they show up so well on the ultrasound! I hope you are following docs orders and being that couch potato - I know you must tire of it, but you will probably long to be a couch potato for just a few minutes once those beautiful babies make their appearance into the world - what a treasure this album will be for them some day - you really do look beautiful.
    You look so great!
    I'm glad you're little ones are still holding out. lol
    I just had my shower on Saturday. I've got 3 weeks to go...unless he comes a little early. And at this point, that would be fine with me. lol I have an ultrasound coming up this week. I'd imagine that will be my last one. That would make number 5 for me, which is a lot more than most people. Not as many as you, I'm sure.

    Now you get to wash all the cute little clothes. I just did a load today. Crib sheets, too.

    I'm certainly enjoying your updates.
    :winking_baby: :winking_baby:
    Theresa, you look wonderful and glowing! So glad you and the babies are doing well and I hope that they will stay put for a little while longer. Enjoy your couch potato status!
    Beautiful page, and you look fantastic!
    Such a cheerful page, to match your smile.
    I have been checking all the time to see if the babies came early or you are still hanging in there. Your page is so nice and I really enjoy your journalling.