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July 19-25



This week was rather uneventful, and in fact I really don’t have a lot of pictures to share. Nick went to a new restaurant called “Show-Me’s” in Bloomington with some friends Tuesday night. He also figured out his new cell phone this week, the Droid Incredible. In addition to my regular week in Shelbyville, two of my classmates came down to shadow Dr. Bowersox on Thursday and Friday and they spent the night at my apartment. Of course, Brittney, Kyle and I went to Fiesta Mexicana for dinner on Thursday. On Friday Dr. B took us to Penn Station for lunch followed by some super yummy ice cream from Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen. Friday night I made my usual trip to Bloomington, and Nick and I started out the weekend by ordering some Domino’s pizza. Nick had to work the weekend, so I took the dogs for a walk, ran errands, and went to the pool both days. This summer I have been doing a lot of reading, so I also spent some time reading my current book. While I like working in Kentucky, we are definitely excited for me to move back to Bloomington in two weeks!


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Next year and many years from now, the pictures will be more interesting than you think they are now. It's amazing! I like how you lined them all up evenly, including the journaling, so neat.

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