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SpeedScrap & Desktop chats

SpeedScrap & Desktop chats

I didn't finish this in time but wanted to see if I could get it posted. Not sure if I did the credits right either.

Journaling - We had gotten word that a cache was
missing. We hunted for it and found the
container. It had been moved & muggled.
We walked with Abby back to the original
hiding place and replaced it. Hopefully
it will be better hidden. It was a beautiful
day at the lake and we hiked along the
trail to another cache.
We were wishing for our fishing poles
because we have had a lot of fun days
fishing for trout at Grindstone Lake.
The beautiful elk sculpture is at the
entrance to a housing addition.

MRE_Inspired Kit
COL_Geocache Kit
Font Tekton Pro
SP_HappyGo Lucky_Flowers_NOShadow_10.png

    COOL! Congrats for getting it posted & up! :D Looks great!
    Very nice--perfect, calm layout for a desktop layout, and nice to also do the speedscrap. Did you and Conda talk--check out hers, too! I really like the ribbon frames on this.
    Looks like it will be a great desktop - I love those colors - and your geocaching story is very interesting - did not realize they went missing

    And yes it does look as though you and Conda collaborated lol
    Good on you! Two challenges in the one!! Thats a great photo for a desktop.
    You did it! YAY!!! Great desktop and speed crop layout!
    I love the way you hung the pictures on ribbons!
    Wonderful desktop! Love the way you have placed your title between the hanging ribbons of the frame. And, that bit of green and blue is perfect! Sounds like a fun day!
    Great job! I like your frames and the rocks in the corner.
    Geocaching sounds so interesting. I've always wanted to try it. Love the little extraction in the corner and those pretty hanging frames.
    Neat how you hung the pictures, and those rocks make it seem like we're there.