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İMimi Bosman


I made this picture on cherry's wedding day...summer was waiting and watching her mum get dressed into her wedding gown.

    Such a pretty photo! Wow look at those eyelashes I'm jealous! I love the smaller pics and the initial great touch!!
    Beautiful layout. I love the softness and your photos
    How soft and sweet looking. I love the how you did the bow in her hair.
    What a beautiful LO! THe background photo looks so neat & the little bow at the side looks like it popped out of the pic.
    Ditto what Julie just said -- it was really me :)
    She must have been over at my house using my computer & signed me out & herself in. :booboo:
    Beautiful! Love her braided hair too:)
    love your blended BG and those photos are just gorgeous
    Beautifully done. I love everything about it, especially the blended photo.
    Oh my gosh, this is just GORGEOUS!! That wonderful photo of Summer looking down and the way you blended it so softly into the background. Then the cluster of different photos of her with lacy hearts and roses. The LO has such a wedding feel to it so that it could go into a wedding album, but it also stands completely alone.
    Precious pictures. She's going to be a heartbraker. Beautiful LO.