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August 2 - 8


This week was a week of big changes. Not only was it my last week in Kentucky, but other changes in our family happened as well. Nick’s sister, Melisa, and her husband Drew had a tough week as Drew’s send-off with the 1st Battalion 133rd Infantry was on Tuesday in Peosta, Iowa. They will train in Mississippi before going to Afghanistan for a year. The local news channel KWWL interviewed Drew’s mom Teia, as well as Drew and Melisa. The news story was made more exciting (and sad) when Drew and Melisa announced that they are expecting a baby in February. Of course we are very happy for them, but we wish Drew could be around for the next year rather than so far away. But we are very proud of Drew! A send-off on a smaller scale occurred at BVC when the staff organized a taco bar lunch to wish me good luck on Monday. Thursday was my final day, and Dr. Bowersox surprised me with the gift of an engraved business card holder. I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Bowersox and I can’t believe all that I have learned. I will miss him and the staff a lot as well! After packing up my things and cleaning the apartment, I drove back to Bloomington Thursday night. While I was sad to leave, it will be nice to live with Nick again. On Friday I had a hair appointment to get my hair highlited. On Saturday Nick and I spent the day being lazy before heading up to Indianapolis for the evening. We picked up Thai Yue (Candice was in Houston visiting family) and met Josh and Lezlie Jones at Rock Bottom restaurant in downtown Indy for dinner. It was nice to be able to catch up with friends! Sunday, Nick surprised me by taking me to Best Buy to get the e-reader, the Nook that I have been wanting for awhile. I love it and can’t wait to read some books on it! We also went shopping for some new shorts for Nick at Old Navy. We ate lunch at Mother Bear’s and it was amazing as usual.


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What an exciting week! Thanks for sharing your story. I love the color scheme of the layout - that light green really picks up the magenta shirt.

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