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August 9-15


Monday was my first day in my second rotation of optometry school. For the next three months I will be working at the two clinics in Bloomington - Atwater Eye Care Center and Community Eye Care Center in the Contact Lens, Binocular Vision/Pediatrics, Ocular Disease, and Low Vision specialty clinics. Monday and Tuesday we spent the day in training, with lots of focus on the new computer charting system or electronic medical records (EMR) program. Monday for lunch a bunch of us went to Buffa Louie’s for lunch, and it made me glad to be back with some of my optometry friends again. I was also glad to be back in Bloomington to walk the dogs almost every day despite the excessive heat. We were under a heat advisory with temps in the 90’s and heat index well into the 100’s all week. Nick had Monday and Tuesday off work and he enjoyed spending time playing his new video game for XBOX, Madden 2011. I know he is definitely ready for football season! Wednesday night he met his friend Dan Taylor at Opie Taylor’s for dinner and a drink. Dan is moving to Indianapolis so Nick won’t be able to hang out with him as much. Thursday night we cleaned and the dogs got a bath in preparation for my parents visiting. Friday night my parents arrived from Iowa for the weekend. They stayed at the Quality Inn hotel, but spent a lot of time at our apartment. Unfortunately this was the biggest move-in weekend at Woodbridge, so Nick had to work. Friday night we ordered Papa John’s pizza and just chatted. Saturday morning Dad, Mom, and I went to the farmer’s market to get sweet corn and tomatoes. Then we went to the outlet mall in Edinburgh for some shopping and lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. After Nick got off work, we headed to Nick’s English Hut for Dad’s early birthday dinner. His birthday is Monday, but we celebrated a little early since they were in town. After dinner, Mom gave Nick a massage, which he really enjoyed Sunday we went to church at Sherwood Oaks and then got Jimmy John’s for lunch. While Nick worked, we took advantage of the pool and hot tub at the hotel. Then we grilled burgers and sweet corn for dinner. After dinner we played Phase 10 card game, and Mom gave me a massage. Then we had to say goodbye, as Mom and Dad were leaving early on Monday morning to go back to Iowa. We had a great time and miss them already!

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