Gordon, growing

Bobbi Jo
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He's twelve - where does the time go? Journaling reads:


Looking at these silly pictures I took of Gordon yesterday, I mark something I hadn’t quite noticed before: how all the softness of his little-boy face is nearly gone. The indefinable something that says “adolescent” is unmistakably there . . . & it is a deeply bittersweet realization.Though I know he still needs me & that my role as his mom is eternal - still I feel my world tilt a little. My baby boy is growing up & I can’t hold it back. Not that I would! - but this mother’s heart can’t help remembering, longingly, the sweet little boy he was . . . just yesterday.


Supplies in exif.



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Great LO! Really like the lighting on the photos and the background papers. The journaling really touched me...

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Your Lo and journaling really captures that bittersweet moment when you realize that your little boy is no longer little. Brought tears to my eyes!

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