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September Challenge


Laura Segelhorst

September Challenge

I believe that my impact on my foster children are a positive impact. This is a page I did about Kirsten's speech and the other things we are working on.


    Lovely journaling and title, not to mention her picture, what a cutie, It takes a special person to be a foster parent: Hat's off to you and your family!
    What a little sweetheart! She looks almost like a little girl we had as a foster child named Holly who did not speak at all - and we worked and worked with her - I think you are a special person to be a foster parent and I know the work it takes to help a little girl find her voice - How fortunate she is to have you in her life!
    Sara said it best, it takes a remarkable person to dedicate themselves to building the foundation of a child's life and helping her find her voice in this world. God Bless You. Your layout is stunning and beautiful.
    what a little sweetie. Beautiful layout.
    Thanks guys. I can't have children so this is my only chance at being a parent.
    Beautiful layout. What wonderful work you are doing with her. You are definitely making a positive impact; you should be very proud.
    She is beautiful! So is your layout, lol. How old is she? Great job, Laura!
    MIkelle, she is 2 1/2
    Hats off to you! I am in awe of all the SG who are fostering, what a difference you make.
    Beautiful LO for a beautiful little girl.
    How appropriate that you would use the Beautiful Life collection to share your efforts at giving this little girl a beautiful life. A loving gesture and a lovely layout. God bless your efforts!