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For the Wed, High Noon Challenge, 100908—to use a favorite, recent photo.

Love this one! I squatted down on the pavement and made sounds like a cat—an old trick from horse picture days, although we whinnied and waved stuff in the air to get the horses to perk up their ears and bring those heads up!

Used PSE6. As I try to do now, I put the SG supplies down here as well as in EXIF Properties so that they are somewhat 'searchable'.

SG Supplies:
BVA_WornThreads-Denim brush;
COL_Tracks8301-Dog DynBrush;
AWI_Blended8201-Drk4 style;
STI_Distressed4901-5 style;
STI_Distressed4901-3 style;
EHI_Destinations5401-5 style;
ASO_Metallics6401-Silver1 style;
LD_Architect font;
LD_DearDiary font;

Other Supplies & Fonts are in EXIF Properties.

    Super cute! I really like how you have the leash circling the dog. Cute footprints and I love the way you have the little bone on the collar. Nice work!
    I love the tilt of his head! Great LO. I really like the way you used the leash as a second frame.
    How adorable! Love the head tilt! The leash looks so realistic and is such a clever frame. Great thinking, lots of fun! I like the styles you applied to your title work- looks great, very metallic and engraved. Great dog name, too!
    So cute. Great photo, and the leash really focuses your eye on this perfect picture. TFS.
    What a precious little pup! the leash around the pic is the perfect accent!
    That is an adorable photo! Great angle - lovely layout
    Fun framing. Great paper.
    What a cute looking face!!! Great way to frame as well. Lovely work J!!
    Sweet little dog. Very clever layout. Love it.
    awww! i love the leash.