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September 2010 Challenge

September 2010 Challenge

I think I make a difference in several ways, at work and at home, but I like to remind myself that no matter how tired I am, even the smallest, seemingly insignificant moments that I spend with my girls make a difference to them. I hope these are the times they will remember when they are grown. My supplies:

Keri Schueller Beaute Botanique flowers; Amanda McGee Best Dressed Holiday Silver Sparkle paper layered on Amanda Sok's SS Sparkle Trails; Ariadna Wiczling Gaia background papers and buttons.

    Just love the sparkles. Gotta get me some of them. Beautiful fun photos. Love the layout.
    Very nice layout! And so, true. Those little moments truly mean a lot.
    Cool LO & reading to your girls may be one of the best things you can do. A love of books is a beautiful impact that I'm sure they will never forget.
    Beautiful layout. Reading to your children is so important.
    Wonderful layout! So glad you enjoy reading to your girls.....that's so important!!
    Very pretty layout. Would you consider working what you've written in the description into the layout? It is wonderful journaling.
    Pat, that's a very good idea. I will probably add actual journaling to this page, and any other page I scrap of my girls; my idea is that any journaling on pages of them will be addressed directly to them, so for this one I probably will say something like "I really enjoy reading to you and I hope you will be able to remember these special quiet times when you are older." Along that line, anyway!

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments!
    I love what you wrote here. ! It is so true, and those small moments like your pictures of reading, will be the greatest things in the end. Great layout!