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My oldest dd & one of her BFFs. Journaling reads:

Nicole and Rebecca always have alot of fun together, whether it’s turning Bernhardts’ crescent into a giant Mario cart track using only chalk, scooters & skateboards), playing with play-dough, or creating their own random “new show, FS News (due to lack of actual camera, the cameraman used a video camera they made from cardboard. One afternoon of pretending to be old men who couldn’t remember their names resulted in ”The Boys’ Name Club”, which ended up with a large portion of the grade 6 girls using boy‘s names, and Nicole and Rebecca still calling each other Fredrick and Steve a year and a half later (hence the “FS News”). They’ve staged weddings for “Zach Gurnhardt & Steve Burney. These pictures are what happened on another afternoon when they were feeling a little bored. They dressed up as a pirate & his girlfriend/fiancee, wrote each other “love letters”, then buried them in the backyard. They came back a couple of weeks later in the pouring rain to dig up their “treasure”. The added twist of it all was that after digging and digging, there was no treasure to be found! Turns out Tyler had been playing and relocated the treasure. It was kind of funny to watch their confusion when they couldn’t find what they knew was there!

I didn't keep as good of track of supplies as I should of, but here's what I can remember:
Bamboozled Collection
Colored Vellum 5401_EHI
Chipboard 1802
ASO_Duotone Glitter
Edge it Action
SNU_SSEmb_PhotoClusters3-3 (rotated and resized)

Hopefully that's everything!

    This is such fun! I love your title and the silly photos. Great journaling too. Love the circles and flowers - fantastic work!