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August 16-22



Monday was my Dad’s birthday, and also the day they left to go back to Iowa. Nick had the day off work, and so did Josh, so they met up with Thai to go to the movie, “The Expendables,” while the girls all worked. Then that night we all went to Mother Bear’s pizza for dinner. Since the guys had so much fun on Monday, they met up on Tuesday again. They played video games and ran errands in Bloomington and Martinsville. They also organized a BBQ for Tuesday night, and Candice & Thai, Amanda & Jordan, Josh & Lezlie, and Nick & I all had a great time and a great meal! Wednesday was a long day of work for both Nick and I, and we even went to bed super early - 9:30! I had Thursday afternoon off, so I ran errands and picked up some groceries. Thursday night, our friends Steven and Christina got back from New York, so we met them for dinner at Five Guys burger restaurant. Friday after work, Josh & Lezlie came over and we went to Nick’s English Hut for dinner. Then we went to the theater to see the movie, “The Switch,” which was really funny. Saturday morning I had to work clinic, and Saturday afternoon Nick and I took a nap. Sunday we lounged around and cleaned up the apartment.


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