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August 30 - September 5


Monday started off in Jacksonville, Florida for me. A contact lens company, Vistakon, had paid my trip and hotel to a seminar called The Vision Care Institute. Several of my friends, including Candice Olund and Amanda LaPlante, went on the trip as well. Despite having full days of educational lectures and sessions, we made time to eat a few good meals and play some darts before heading back to Indiana Tuesday night. Nick went golfing with Jordan on Monday night while I was gone. After fairly routine work days for Nick and I on Wednesday and Thursday, we took Herky to the Drool in the Pool at Bryan Park. Then it was time for Nick to leave to go to Iowa for a visit on Friday. Bill and Lisa surprised us by calling Friday morning to say that they had booked a one-way return flight for me on Monday (Labor Day) so that I could come back and visit as well! I was excited, and we hit the road. Friday night we hung out with Bill, Lisa, Melisa, Nate, Heather and baby Hayden. Then I drove to my parents and surprised them with my unexpected trip back. On Saturday we watched the Iowa game, visited my parents, and then met up with Shane, Shaybree, Shaybree’s sister Sid, Casey, Mya and Maycee for dinner at Zeno’s. Then we headed to the Stolzman’s house to see Steph after she finished photographing a wedding. Sunday, Nick and I split up for the day. I went to Cedar Rapids with my parents to see my sister. Lezlie co-delivered the sermon at her church, River of Life, and then we ate lunch at Olive Garden. That night, there was a going-away party for Lezlie before she leaves for Texas. It was at Movement Dance Company where she taught dance the last year. Meanwhile, Nick hung out with his brother Nate and got to use his super-power mower to mow the lawn. He also helped Nate install some windows at his house in Hubbard. Overall, it was a busy week with lots of traveling, but it was fun too!


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