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September 6-12


Monday was Labor Day, and my last day in Iowa. Heather brought over Hayden so I could see him one last time before I left, and we all ate a yummy breakfast that Bill made. Hayden fell asleep shortly after we were done eating, so we just visited after that. At noon, Lisa and Nick drove me to Des Moines and we ate lunch at Taco Johns. After some drama of a cancelled flight in Milwaukee (my connecting city), I finally managed to make it back to Bloomington by 11 pm on Monday. Tuesday thru Friday was pretty much a normal work week for me, and I hung out with Kinnick in the evenings. Meanwhile, Nick kept himself very busy in Iowa, painting Hayden’s room, shopping with his family, attending one more going-away party for Lezlie, watching Shane play kickball, and hosting his online fantasy football draft. A highlight of the week for me was receiving my new cell phone in the mail, a Droid X. I worked Saturday in exchange for a day off later in the month, and that night Christina Howell and Amanda LaPlante called me up and convinced me to go to Sports with them. We had a lot of fun, and a late night meant sleeping in for me on Sunday. By the time I took Kinnick for a walk and cleaned the apartment, Nick was home! I had really missed him but surprisingly it didn’t really seem like the dogs had missed each other. After we hung out for awhile, Steven, Christina, Jordan and Amanda came over and we ordered Domino’s pizza for dinner.


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