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State Fair of Texas 2008, part 2

This Rough Hewn Collection makes me want to bake some pumpkin bread and get the house smelling like cinnamon. :-) I'm on a roll, so I did another LO using the Rough Hewn Collection for everything, except this time I used a ScrapSimple template for the basic photo placement... ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Gallery (specifically, TCS_SSDLO_Gallery_Variety). This was my first time to somewhat successfully use a template. They always bum-fuzzled me before. I am still doing a LOT of trial-and-error, but that's the way I learn best--and there's always that wonderful UNDO button. I played around with the colors on "Family" and "Memories" - got the hang of the Eyedropper Tool and Paint Brush Tool, and fiddled with the Inner and Outer Glow sliders. I had the LO all finished, then decided I didn't like half the pics so I switched three of them at the last minute and like the finished product better now.

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Very nice, I like the fall embellishments in the corner & the framed pictures looking like they are hanging on a wall is a great idea. Wonderful colors!

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I love the photo collage look and the word art used at the bottom of some of the frames. Great layout!

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